Does Fish Oil Make Your Butt Bigger?

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It is a good question. I have been searching around for quite some time in order to find a solution for women who would like to make their butts bigger and using fish oil has been one of the suggestions I have found. So does fish oil make your butt bigger? If it does. How?

The answer to this question is yes. It can make your butt bigger, though you need more than that in order to get a sexy round butt. Let me develop this further.

Fish oil contains Omega 3 and fatty acids this will then be stored in your butt, thus “fattening up” your buttocks. Omega 3 and fatty acids can also be found in fat fish such as salmon.

It also comes in capsules if you prefer that to drinking spoonfuls of oil. But there is also another way of using it. You can actually rub the oil on to your butt and it will then be absorbed by your skin. If you do this, you should wrap something around your bottom and let it stay on for at least 45 minutes. You can combine this with drinking fish oil or taking capsules.

So taking fish oil could be a good idea if you want a bigger butt. Another idea is to eat nuts, they also contain Omega 3 and fatty acids which will then be stored in your butt and will help to make it bigger. Milk is also known for increasing the size of your butt.

Taking fish oil, eating nuts and drinking milk is then all good for building a bigger butt. You need more than just a good diet though. As the buttocks are made up mostly of muscle you need to do some exercises as well. Strong buttocks in combination with the increased amount a fat will give your booty that rounded sexy shape.

It is important to work out regularly at least 3 times a week. For the best results you should do exercises that specifically works the buttocks for a few examples of good butt building exercises visit Other physical activities like running, walking or rollerblading are also good for your buttocks

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Does Fish Oil Make Your Butt Bigger?

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This article was published on 2011/04/16