Fish Oil Rubs for Acne-Prone Skin: An Overview

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You have probably heard one too many times about fish oil and its role as an effective remedy for skin problems such as acne and pimples.  There may not be a reliable survey to prove the statistics but perhaps, in 10 people afflicted with skin problems, there would be at least 2 to 3 who have tried their hands on do it yourself topical home remedies.  Reasons for this dwell on two primary grounds:  budget and testimonials.

Budget is actually a given.  With the economic crisis on a global scale, regular dates with the skin specialist would render wallets on a comatose state or even to the point of reaching the flat line.  For an average family with an income just enough for the basics, this would be an extra expense that parents would prefer to allot for things that are of utmost importance.  Branded facial products for the adolescent daughter with a serious skin problem would certainly find space at the bottom, probably somewhere between a fancy sphere chair and a Coca Cola personal fridge.  But with a supply of essential supplements on hand, fish oils included, this would certainly win the vote.

Testimonials?  Aaah.  The web holds enough proof of believers.  Customer reviews are great marketing magnets as it remarkably influences consumers' choices.  Fish oil already has a stream of followers that attest to its ironic promise – cutting back on the natural facial grease using a greasy substance!  Apparently, fish oil has the ability to counteract the secretions of the oil (sebaceous) glands on our face.  It may not be capable of sending your sebaceous glands into a latent state but, at the least, it can help suppress the amount of secretion.  Although it is a physiologic process, there are a lot of people blessed with overactive sebaceous glands; hence, the mirror like T-zone that gives facial washes a serious following.

With fish oil invading the cosmetic scene and its efficiency evidenced by satisfied users, they would surely give synthetic products a competitive ground.  There are already certain organic brands that incorporate these natural substances in their concoctions to cater to the demands of those who would rather abstain from anything chemical.  Crude products are obviously making a killing these days and are giving their chemical counterparts a run for their money.

If you happen to have acne as a very close friend that visits you every so often and reasons such as time and money affect your decisions in undergoing treatment, you can still save on those extra bucks that you are intending to use for gas and professional fees, not to mention prescription drugs and products that can combat the problem.  Why load up on your worries when all you need is to check on your pantry?  An extra soft gel and a sharp object to release the fish oil inside – there goes your facial massage and pimple slayer right at your kitchen counter.



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Fish Oil Rubs for Acne-Prone Skin: An Overview

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This article was published on 2010/12/30